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About Us

Sally with granddaughters Sasha Star and Willow Rose.

Willow & Star is the creation of Sally Daner: Artist, maker, jeweler and grandmother to twin girls Sasha Star and Willow Rose.

Sally is also the creator of Charmed & Dangerous, so she literally has charms, beads, crystals and chain strewn throughout her basement studio.  When it came time to dream up the perfect gift for Sasha & Willow’s 4th birthday she did not have to look far to find the beautiful raw materials like gold-filled chain, Swarovski crystals and delicate pearls to make them something incredibly special!

Because the girls love dance, the necklaces she gifted the twins were ballet slippers- one with pink beads and one with lavender beads.  When they showed up to dance class the first time all the other little ballerinas (and their moms) asked where they got those gorgeous necklaces!

This continued to happen everywhere Sasha & Willow went, from play-dates, to doctor’s visits, to birthday parties and beyond – moms would stop and ask the girls where they got their necklaces.  It quickly became apparent that there was a wider market for these necklaces than just her granddaughters!

In collaboration with her daughters Ariana Falerni (photography and web design) and Roxanne Daner (logo design) Sally launched Willow & Star to rave reviews from stylish little girls and their mamas everywhere!