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Smallest setting shown here with clasp at 13"
Shown here with clasp attached into chain at about 14"
Largest setting shown here with clasp at 15"

We put so much thought into how to tackle sizing for a wide range of ages! We wanted your Willow & Star necklace to grow with your child and more importantly, to take all the overwhelm out of choosing from a bunch of different “fixed” lengths.

What we came up with is a unique 13″-15″expandable design that will fit from toddler (3 years old +) to even most adults as a choker!

For younger children, attach the clasp at the 13″ setting at first jump ring. For older children, teens (or small-medium framed adults!) attach at the 15″ setting just before the finishing bead.

But whats so unique and wonderful about this expandable design is that the last two inches of expander chain are made of slightly larger loops so that the clasp can easily hook into at any link. What this means is you can find the perfect fit for any age child at any time!

We have tested this design extensively on Sasha and Willow and the “tail” doesn’t bother them at all.   The weight of the charm counterbalances the tail and keeps it at the back and out of site. (However you are always free to remove it if you prefer your necklace without it!)

If you have any questions about sizing, please feel free to contact us at any time.